becomea volunteer

How Do I Apply?

1. Complete and submit the online application form on the AVS website
Check out the How to Apply section of the GC website for more details on creating your online account. Choose at least three possible places where you are interested in serving. You can Search positions here:

2. Submit your supporting documents (three references, release of liability form, beneficiary information form and medical form) to the TED AVS office by email ( or by attaching them to your online application using the attachments tab. The easiest way to submit your references is to select the email option on your application. They will be sent an electronic form and when they submit it, it will attach itself to your application for you.

3. Complete the Mission Training Course. You will get a link to this on your application homepage once you’ve hit the submit button. This course is run through the Mission Institute at the General Conference and is an interactive online training and required for all volunteers.

4. The TED AVS office will work with your local conference/union to approve you for service.

5. Your application is sent to the General Conference and they will forward it to your first position choice. Each organisation has two weeks to review your application and get back to us with an answer. Sometimes this can take a bit longer but we do try really hard to stick with the two week timeframe as we know your whole future is resting on their decision.

6. When you are accepted for a position, it is voted at the GC and TED and we finalize the approval.

7. You will then receive instructions about visas and travel and insurance. Please do not resign from your job, sell your home or purchase airline tickets until the GC has approved your assignment and your visa has been granted.

Your application may be submitted to several places before you are accepted for a position so keep in mind that this process can take a little while.

Please carefully check the finance section of each call. Here you will find information about how much money your will be expected to raise (if any) and also how much money you will receive each month.

To keep our office efficient, we ask that you submit all the required paperwork and complete the mission training course within three months from the date you submit your application. After three months, incomplete applications will be inactivated. You can reactivate your application at any time by clicking reapply on your homepage or by contacting the AVS office by email