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Insurance Information

When you serve through AVS you will be covered by a tailored-made insurance policy called the ASV (just to confuse everyone) policy. This is administered by Adventist Risk Management (ARM). You can read all the exciting highlights of the policy in the summary documents below. The costs of the insurance and any excess amount is covered by the calling organisation unless clearly stated otherwise on the Service Request (that’s the info sheet about the position).

Claim Forms

Insurance Summaries

Insurance ID Card

An Insurance Card will be sent to you electronically by the TED AVS office before you leave your home country.

Important things to remember

1. You MUST notify us of your departure date so we can make sure your insurance is in place BEFORE you depart from the country.

2. You MUST notify us of any changes to your status (marriage, children etc.) as this will affect your insurance.

3. The insurance policy has a $150 USD excess each calendar year.

4. This amount is normally covered for you by the host organisation. You will, however, still need to submit claim forms to ARM.

5. Please familiarize yourself with the claim forms so you know what information you will need to make a claim.
When in doubt, phone the TED AVS office or ARM directly so we can assist you with your insurance questions.