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How Much Will it Cost?

Volunteers are not free. The Calling Organisation (that’s you) will need to provide:


Mandatory insurance is provided through Adventist Risk Management (ARM) under a policy called ASV Insurance – a tailor made insurance specifically for volunteers. The premiums vary depending on the age of the volunteer. (See enclosed insurance information for current schedule of payments.) Insurance premiums are billed directly to your institution through the church system. Volunteers are covered for the length of their stay plus 21 days for travel home. Insurance is requested for a volunteer by their sending division. There is a $150 USD excess per calendar year. This amount is covered by the calling organisation so should also be budgeted for. If the volunteer is serving over two calendar years then you need to budget for a possible $300 USD. – Contact the TED AVS office for an ASV insurance info pack or more details.

Accommodation and Food:

You should be prepared to cover all accommodation, utilities and food costs for your volunteer or provide a large enough stipend to cover these costs. Any variance from this needs to be clearly stated on your AVS Service Request Form.

Monthly Living Allowance:

This amount should give your volunteer enough money to buy necessities and allow them to do some local travel and enjoy their leisure time. Be aware that in some countries local volunteer law may limit how much you are able to pay volunteers.

Authorised Local Transportation Expense:

If you are providing a car for your volunteer, fuel allowance, maintenance, registration and insurance will need to be considered. If the car is owned by your volunteer, mileage allowance is required. If they need to use public transport as part of their duties then this cost will also need to be considered.

Telephone Costs:

These should be covered for any work related calls your volunteer need to make.


Most volunteers will cover their own airfare and visa costs. If you are able to help with the cost of the airfare please indicate this on the Service Request Form.