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Is Calling a Volunteer Feasible?

Size: Is your church or organisation large enough to provide enough activity for a fulltime volunteer? If not consider sharing a volunteer with another church or organisation nearby.

Costs: Volunteers are not free but are considerably cheaper than full-time employees. Are you able to raise the necessary funds to cover the expense of a volunteer?

Accommodation: Do you have a place where your volunteer can stay? This can be in their own flat/house, in a dormitory or with a church member or local family. This will also need to be factored into the cost as you will have to provide the accommodation.

Mentor: Is there an appropriate person who can mentor your volunteer, providing support and encouragement for them as they learn their new culture and duties. Ideally this person should be someone other than their supervisor.

Supervisor: Determine who will be in charge of your volunteer and managing them on a daily basis. This person will need to advise on visa applications and arrange to meet the volunteer when they arrive. They should be prepared to provide detailed information to your volunteer about their living arrangements, assignment details and what to pack.

Willingness: Is there a willingness in your organisation to take on a volunteer? A general willingness and preparation on the part of the calling organisation to work with a volunteer is essential.

Demographics: What are the demographics of your organisation and community? Is your project targeting a specific community or culture? You will need to consider the age, gender and culture of your community to determine what kind of person you require.

Timescale: How long would you like your volunteer to serve? Short term assignments can be arranged, or volunteers can stay for up to two years depending on visa restrictions.

Legal Issues: Are you familiar with your country’s visa and volunteer laws? If not, you will need to work with your Union Secretariat to ensure that you are complying with local laws.

Please make sure you fully understand visa application documents and requirements before requesting a volunteer. Contact the TED AVS office for more advice on visa issues.