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How Can a Volunteer Help You?

AVS Provides life-changing opportunities for Adventists to actively engage in mission service. Harnesses the energy and ideas of young people who are excited about Jesus to further the work of your organisation. Utilizes the wisdom and experience of older church members to mentor and contribute to new initiatives. Provides an avenue to practically implement your mission goals – reach up, reach out and reach across.

Benefits for Church Organisations:

·Contributes extra resources to mission initiatives

·Encourages new perspectives and ideas

·Injects enthusiasm and energy

·Provides financial relief by supplying man power at minimal cost

·Improves cultural diversity

·Promotes partnerships with other churches and people

Benefits for Volunteers:

·Involves them in something bigger than themselves

·Teaches cultural sensitivity

·Fosters a deeper more meaningful walk with Jesus

·Provides travel opportunities

·Encourages excitement about faith

·Promotes more active involvement in church on their return home

Get Creative

Can you think of a creative way your organisation can use a volunteer?

Calling volunteers through the AVS programme allows you to tap into a world-wide database of willing people excited to serve. Each volunteer is screened by their local church and home division volunteer coordinator. They will be baptised members of the Adventist Church who are familiar with the ethos and vision of our church family. Volunteers who apply through this programme provide three references who you are free to contact for more information. All volunteers will have completed the Passport to Mission training course run through the Institute of World Mission at the General Conference and they are willing to step out in faith and make a difference.

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