requesta volunteer

What do I do Now?

Once you have decided to call a volunteer, you will need to create a Service Request on our online database Service Requests will need approval from the local organisation and the conference/union in which you reside. Please contact our office for a user name and password and instructions for using the database.

Think of the Service Request as an advert describing the position and the type of volunteer you are looking for. The more details you can give us the better. This advert will go on the website and volunteers from all over the world can search for positions and potentially apply.

When someone applies for a position, you will be sent an automatic email with their application and references. You have two weeks to make a decision and we encourage you to phone, SKYPE or email the volunteers for an interview to see if they fit with your project expectations. If you like them, you log in to the database and accept them for the post. If you think they would be better suited elsewhere, then you log in and deny them (with an encouraging note explaining why). It is important to respect the two week timeframe as they can’t apply anywhere else until they have a response from you.

Once you have accepted a volunteer, you will communicate with them about all aspects of their assignment and arrival details. Then just get ready to welcome them to your project and being the adventure.